Predicting high-level production

Hipsec predicts if gene overexpression of an extracellular protein will lead to successful high-level production in Aspergillus niger. The prediction is based on a protein's amino acid sequence. A fasta file with one or more protein sequences can be pasted into the the text area or uploaded using the 'Choose File' button. Click the 'Submit' button to run the prediction method. More information about the method can be found in the corresponding paper (1).

Paste sequences in this field (in FASTA format)
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Select if you upload protein (amino acid) sequences or ORF (nucleotide) sequences

  1. Both the protein and the ORF sequences must be uppercase, lowercase letters are ignored.
  2. Only the 20 unambiguous (uppercase) letters are used for the protein-sequence based predictions. All other letters are ignored.
  3. Only A, C, G, and T are used for ORF-sequence based preditions. Codons with any other letter in it (including U!) are ignored.


Exploring sequence characteristics related to high-level production of secreted proteins in Aspergillus niger. B.A. van den Berg, M.J.T. Reinders, M. Hulsman, L. Wu, H.J. Pel, J.A. Roubos, D. de Ridder (2012) PLoS ONE, Volume 7, Issue 10, e45869.